Reasons for Installing 6 Inch Gutters

Proper gutter sizing depends on several factors such as the amount of rainfall, roof configuration, and microclimatic conditions. For most homes in the Vancouver area, standard 5-inch gutters are sufficient protection from potential water damage. But in some specific situations, using 6-inch gutters in a residential application is the best solution.

Gutter Runs

When the gutters stretch out for 40 feet or more and there’s no room for two downspouts, 6” gutters provide increased water capacity per linear foot of guttering.

If the gutter run is 50 feet to 60 feet, a larger sized gutter system will work more efficiently on a large house.

Larger Roofs

Oversized gutters like 6-inch or 7-inch gutters typically used on industrial buildings and commercial properties are also ideal for homes that have large roofs with a greater surface area to drain. Six-inch gutters generally handle 40% to 50% more water than standard 5” gutters.

Roof Configuration

Steep roofs, ones with a high pitch, tend to shed water more easily than roofs with a lesser slope. However, water can enter the gutter system with more speed, accumulating faster in the gutter channel. Oversized gutters can help improve water flow on houses with a steep roof.

Where rooflines are configured in such a way that large amounts of water are concentrated in one particular section of the gutters when it enters the system, 6-inch gutters can better direct water toward the downspouts.

The functionality of a gutter system on a house with multiple-level roofs can be greatly improved by using 6” gutters for the lower level gutters that have upper-level gutters draining into them.

Residential 6” Gutters

Things to keep in mind before choosing to have 6-inch gutters installed on a house include:

  • they are generally more expensive per linear foot than a 5” gutter system
  • the fascia will have to be strong enough to support a larger sized gutter
  • current 2×3” downspouts should be upgraded to 3×4” downpipes
  • debris can collect more quickly, adding weight to fascia
  • can alter the aesthetics of a home’s exterior