Protect your Windows

Windows let in the natural light that improves our physical health and mental well-being. When windows are selected for both practicality and aesthetics, it makes your home’s exterior more functional while boosting curb appeal. But high winds and constant heavy rainfalls can wreak havoc on the exterior windows of your home. Here are some useful ways to protect your windows from damage this fall.

Start with your Property

A good way to protect your windows is to start with your yard. To prevent window panes from becoming cracked, chipped, or even smashed all the way through, do the following:

  • Remove dead limbs and branches from the trees growing on your property
  • Trim back branches that are long enough to tap the windows when winds become active
  • Store seasonal furniture, lawn care tools, and equipment that can be blown into the windows and/or up against the siding

Clean the Windows in the Fall

Homeowners typically remember to clean the windows in the spring or summer. However, especially if they are already streaked with dirt and grime, when leaves, bits of twigs, etc. are brushed up against the glass panes by the wind, the glass can become etched. Etching weakens the glass, making it fragile and vulnerable to further damage. Even if the panes don’t break or crack, windows can become unsightly due to etching over time.

Paint the Trim Regularly

If your windows are made of wood, paint the trim regularly. Regular window maintenance such as caulking and painting prevents wood rot and helps combat the effects of expansion and contraction. When panes become loose due to wood rot, windows don’t fit properly. Gaps around the windows, whether they are because of rotting trim or the result of humidity and moisture, let cold air in and warm air out, reducing the energy-efficiency of your home.

Don’t Let them Rattle

Wind and driving rains can rattle windows. If the wind and/or rain exert enough force, loose glass panes can become cracked or broken. Apply the appropriate type of caulk to secure the panes in place.

Install Functional Shutters

In late fall and throughout the winter, the Lower Mainland can experience very active wind storms. If you live near the ocean or some other body of water or your home is particularly affected by high winds, consider installing functional shutters. Functional shutters, as opposed to decorative shutters, can be opened when not required and closed during active weather. They provide an additional layer of protection to the windows and security for your home.