Noisy Downspout?

The sound of trickling or gurgling water can be soothing, but water clattering through a downpipe like a handful of marbles just let loose can be annoying. If you have metal downspouts and they drive you crazy when it rains, you might think that there is nothing you can do about it. But there are ways you can quiet a noisy downspout.

First, check for leaks to rule that out as the cause. A leaking gutter section could be dripping onto something metal. The best way to see if gutters are leaking is to pick a day that’s not raining and run a hose through the gutter channel in the direction it would normally flow.

When fixing the gutter system leaks still doesn’t eliminate the noise, check the downspout for leaks. Also examine the surface around the downspout; water hitting a hard surface might be the source. Add a splash block underneath the downpipe; this should help divert the water from making direct contact.

The most common cause of a noisy downspout is water hitting the elbow (on the inside) as it exits the metal downpipe. Extended periods of medium to heavy rainfall can make a downspout next to a bedroom window very noisy and disruptive.

Possible solutions to a noisy downspout are:

  • purchase a downspout silencer or another type of downspout insert to reduce the sound of the impact of the water
  • make your own downspout insert from a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet, sponge or asphalt shingle and glue it on or just above the downpipe elbow
  • replace the end section of the metal downspout emitting the rainwater with a vinyl elbow
  • replace the downspout with a rain chain