New Hardware for Your Home’s Exterior

Update home exterior hardware
Photo credit: nola.agent/Flickr Creative Commons

As we bravely march toward upcoming fall and winter holidays, now is the time to pay attention to your home’s exterior. Focusing on one element can make the project manageable, both mentally and budget-wise. This first week of autumn, concentrate on hardware – you’ll be surprised how different the front of the house will look by simply swapping out round doorknobs for lever door handles or adding a new letter box by the front door.

House Numbers

If they’re perfectly serviceable and look okay, it might never have occurred to you they need to be replaced. But an outdated house number can have a negative effect on the appearance of your property. Change the old house number for a new one when it is:

  • not easily seen – the numbers have become obscured by grown trees
  • awkwardly placed – below eye level or out of the area of illumination of a light fixture
  • not your colour choice
  • worn, faded or broken
  • too small – a person should be able to easily read the numbers from a distance

Postal Carrier Notice Me!

A wall-mounted mailbox or a letter slot that is outdated or not working properly detracts from your home’s exterior. Replacing the old mailbox with one in a new colour or made of gleaming brass can give new life to your entrance way.

Entrance Door Hardware

The Vancouver bylaw banning doorknobs has been in effect for new construction a while now. Lever-style handles are easier to open for people who experience difficulty turning a doorknob. Replacing round doorknobs with lever door handles allows you to add an element of visual interest that reflects your personal style. The same can be said for a door knocker; decorative hardware helps define the house’s style and character.

New hardware isn’t just about curb appeal or increasing the market value of your property. In the process of updating old for new, you can change the style or mood of your home’s exterior. If you plan on updating two or more elements such the house numbers, mailbox and front door handle, select the same type of material to harmonize the exterior of your home.