Myths about Gutters

When you live in Vancouver gutters play an essential role in protecting your home from the elements. When compared to the “more important” systems like heating, plumbing and electrical that make your house a home, rain gutters can be easily overlooked. Myths about gutters can compound the problem. Here are some popular myths about gutters that might prevent a gutter system from being the best it can be.

No Trees Means Little Cleaning

Homeowners often think that if there are no or few trees growing on their property, then they don’t need to clean the gutters. But other types of debris can be carried on the wind from some place else, and deposited into the gutter system. Debris from the roof, such as asphalt shingle granules, are typically washed into the gutters after a heavy rainfall.

No More Gutter Cleaning

The appeal of a gutter protection or an all-in-one gutter system is the idea that the rain gutters will never need to be cleaned again. All-in-one gutters and leaf guard systems do prevent a lot of debris from entering the gutter channel and blocking the gutters. However, bits of leaf, dirt and twig particles will still manage to get in and might cause problems or serious water damage if left unattended.

Just Another Chore

Don’t fall into the mindset that cleaning the gutters is easy and just another chore that you should be able to handle yourself. If you keep putting it off because of scheduling issues or you don’t particularly like heights or the ladder’s too short and you’ve been intending on getting a new one (for a while now), then consider hiring a professional. An experienced gutters company will clean the rain gutters in a timely manner; be responsible for the cleanup; and identify potential problems that might need immediate attention.

Doesn’t Matter who Installs New Gutters

There’s not much difference between one gutter installation contractor and another. Gutter installations are pretty much all the same, right? Actually, no. Not all companies offer the same products and services, or even the same degree of service. Before signing an agreement with a gutter contractor, get at least two other companies’ estimates; check references; ask for any relevant documentation including liability insurance and industry association certificates.