Missing Gutters

It’s hard to image a home in the Lower Mainland without a gutter system of some kind. But houses that do not have gutters or have missing gutters are at risk. The uncontrolled flow of rainwater coming down from the roof can cause serious damage.

Gutters go missing for a number of reasons. High winds and heavy rainfall can loosen gutter sections. Extreme or constant weather conditions can completely detach gutters from the fascia. Fascia panels can become so soft with rot that they no longer retain nails or support the weight of the gutters. Gutters might have been installed on the main part of the house, but are missing from a secondary roof or another architectural feature unique to the roof.

Missing gutters have been known to cause a lot of mischief. Water that is not channeled properly can:

  • allow water to penetrate around windows and doors
  • cause dampness (the “right” environment for mold and mildew) in a basement or attic/crawlspace
  • crack the foundation
  • deteriorate the siding
  • damage landscaping

Missing gutters should be dealt with immediately. Check the roof configuration for places that are missing gutters and plan to have them installed. Re-attach or replace broken gutter sections. If gutters have been missing for a significant length of time, inspect the foundation, siding and roof for sustained damage.