Maintenance Projects to help You get ready for Summer

The end of spring is the time many homeowners think about summer, the backyard, and all the summer home maintenance tasks that need to be done both inside and outside. There’s no denying that, while we might not like it, maintenance chores are easier as the weather becomes warmer. Especially this year when most of us have to rethink our vacation plans, it’s good to have a functional and attractive place to escape to. Whether you’re planning a staycation or just want to hang out with family and friends, these maintenance projects will help you get ready for summer.

Inside Your Home

Clean the refrigerator coils: The coils of a refrigerator are fundamental to its cooling process by drawing heat away, leaving the inside compartments colder. When the coils at the back of the fridge are dirty or dusty, they have to work harder and run longer to achieve and maintain the interior temperature. This typically means you’re consuming more energy than necessary. Using a vacuum hose with a dusting brush attachment, gently remove the accumulated dirt and dust.

Re-caulk windows and entry doors: While it might seem like more of a fall home maintenance task, re-caulking windows and entry doors late spring or early summer will help keep your home cool. When air escapes or warm air enters your home, it makes the AC work overtime, which might mean higher energy bills.

Routine upkeep of your HVAC systems: To prevent inconvenient breakdowns of your furnace, air conditioning, and ventilation systems have an HVAC professional conduct an annual or biennial inspection. A detailed inspection of these systems will alert you to potential problems and ensure the air conditioning is working in time for the summer months. Don’t forget to change any furnace and/or air conditioner filters that haven’t been changed in a while.

Freshen up the bathroom: Save the major renovation for another time. Work with what you have. Start with a thorough deep cleaning. De-clutter countertops and inside cabinets and drawers. Paint the bathroom a light new colour; it can make the room appear larger. Summer-theme your bath mat, towels, and shower curtain – keep them for seasonal use. When floor space is at a premium or non-existent, bump up storage with floating shelves or small wall cubes.

Outside Your Home

Get out the paintbrush: A fresh coat of paint magically transforms a home’s exterior from tired to new. Choose a new colour for the window trim and front door. It’s not just a matter of good looks or boosted curb appeal – when the paint becomes worn, it loses its effectiveness against protecting your home from UV light and moisture.

Plant trees strategically: It might take a while to reap the benefits, but this late spring or early summer, consider planting some new trees that will provide shade. If the front of the house gets a lot of sun during the days in summer that could mean higher energy bills. Shade trees can also make the backyard more user-friendly. Especially if they will be planted near the house, select trees that won’t grow too tall or have a root system that spreads out instead of downward.

Tidy up the yard: Mow the grass. Trim shrubs and trim tree branches too close to siding or the gutters. Weed flowerbeds and edge the driveway and pathways to make them look crisp and clean.

Give your deck some TLC: If you haven’t had a chance to reseal your deck, now might be a good time. When the deck appears worn, restaining or repainting it can give it a much-needed facelift. It will also make the deck a more welcoming place to entertain.

Clean your home exterior: Start at the top – wash or sweep off the surface debris on the roof. Wipe down the outside of the gutters to remove dirt. Make the windows shine. Clean and repair the siding. Cleaning your home exterior from top to bottom is one of the cheapest ways to increase curb appeal and make your backyard an inviting place to be.