Keep Your Home Looking good during Fall and Winter

The sun might be sticking around during the day but there’s no denying that the temperatures are becoming colder and the days are getting shorter. Fall is here! And winter is just around the corner. Lower Mainland weather, especially during the winter months, can be pretty rough on a home’s exterior. Whatever Mother Nature throws at us during the upcoming months, there are ways to keep your home looking good until spring.

Wash the Exterior

 Washing your home’s exterior is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home welcoming and to boost curb appeal. Sparkling windows, siding free of grime, and a clean front door sporting a seasonal wreath give your home a well-cared-for appearance. Highlighting the entry door to your home turns it into a focal point, making it stand out.

Paint the Trim

When the siding is in fairly good shape, no one might notice if the trim around windows and entry doors is chipped, faded or cracked. Use weather-resistant paint to give the trim and shutters of your home a new lease on life. Making minor repairs such as recaulking or fill in holes before painting will also protect the siding from potential water damage.

Rake the Leaves

While autumn leaves with their vibrant fall colours look beautiful on the trees, once they’re on the ground, they can quickly make your yard appear untidy. Raking the leaves allows the blades of grass to breathe. If you are in the habit of winterizing your lawn, you know raking is the first step to getting the yard ready for spring.

Tidying up the front yard, mowing the lawn, and weeding flowerbeds improve the overall appearance of the house. In late fall or early winter, prune trees and shrubs – this is the best time when they are dormant.

Clean the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters in late fall will help keep them clean and working the way they should throughout the winter. A gutter system works until it doesn’t – clean gutters boost curb appeal but they also ensure your attic, roof, and siding are fully protected throughout our Lower Mainland storms and heavy rains.

Plant Fall Flowers

As fall progresses and the trees become barer, your home’s exterior can become pretty sparse and drab. The perfect antidote it to plant fall flowers. Plants such as sedum (aka stonecrop), autumn crocus, mums, and gaillardia fanfare will add splashes of colour to your landscaping. If the garden beds near the front of the house are planted with spring bulbs or non-flowering perennials, plant some of these fall beauties in planters instead.

 Add Outdoor Lighting

As we head further into winter, shorter days mean less natural light. When we leave for work, it’s dark; when we return home it’s dark. It’s also important that visitors to your home during the holiday season are able to see clearly as they make their way up the walk to your front door. Outlining the driveway and walkways with landscape lighting will help you see better and navigate safely.

Decorate for the Holidays Wisely

While it’s fun to use giant inflatable decorations on the front lawn when decorating your property for Halloween, Christmas, and other special occasions during the winter, less really can be more. Scale back on inflatable spooky ghosts or a surfing Santa – opt instead for elegant decorations such as matching door and window wreaths, strings of pretty lights in just one or two trees in the front yard, or Rudolph looking of an elf’s shoulder can transform your home and front yard into a whimsical, enchanting place.