Keep Your Home Exterior in Good Shape

Soon summer will be over, but before it is there are some home maintenance tasks that are just easier to accomplish when the weather is nicer. DIY projects such as repainting window trim, replacing windows, and repairing existing gutters or installing new ones not only seem to go smoother during the summer months, they also help your property get ready for fall and winter. Tips for keeping your home exterior in good shape include maintaining the gutters, caring for windows and doors, and resealing the driveway.

Inspect the Roof

Inspecting the roof in the summer is a good strategy for planning ahead and reducing the chances of having to troubleshoot problems in the fall or winter months. But do it safely – use binoculars to check for missing shingles, debris build-up, damp patches, or moss. If you don’t DIY or if the damage is extensive, contact a professional roofer.

Maintain the Gutters

Maintaining the gutters will protect your home from the evils of water damage and keep your home’s exterior looking good for years to come. Basic gutter maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning the gutters thoroughly twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall when the leaves have dropped
  • Cleaning the downspouts and checking periodically to see if they are still securely attached to the exterior walls
  • Inspecting the gutters for damage after a storm
  • Repairing or replacing damaged gutter sections
  • Replacing any missing or broken hardware
  • Trimming back the branches of trees growing close to the house

Wash the Siding

Siding is daily exposed to dust, grime, mold spores, and other toxins, which can build up over time, compromising its protective finish. Dirty or damaged siding makes your property look uncared for. Since the siding is one of the most noticeable elements of your home’s exterior, regularly cleaning the siding boosts curb appeal, extends its lifespan, and better protects your home.

Care for Windows and Doors

Come on now, admit it – you dutifully clean the gutters and siding but tend to neglect the windows and doors of your home’s exterior. Like the siding, glass panes and window and door trim are subject to grime buildup. Take the time to:

  • Clean the windows
  • Caulk loose panes and around door frames – sealing gaps helps to keep pest infestations at bay
  • Wipe down exterior doors
  • Polish hardware
  • Replace broken or missing door fittings
  • Repaint door jambs and window trim if they start to peel or look worn
  • Make repairs as needed or install replacement windows or doors when required

Reseal the Driveway

Driveways made from concrete or asphalt that are cracked, pitted, or uneven detract from your curb appeal and can become severe enough to cause an accident. To keep a driveway from becoming damaged and in need of repair, reseal it periodically – in our temperate Northwest Pacific climate, once every two to five years depending on how close your property is to water.

If the driveway is damaged or uneven, consult with a contractor to have it fixed. Left unattended, it will become worse.

The same applies to other hardscape features on your property made of concrete such as a patio, pathway, or steps.

Tidy up the Garden

Maintaining the landscaping enhances curb appeal and makes your home welcoming. Tidy up the front yard, get rid of any clutter in the backyard, weed flower beds, take care of the lawn, and prune shrubs and trim back trees.