Is More Expensive Siding Better?

The siding you choose not only protects the exterior of your home, it also adds style and personality that can increase its resale value. Properly insulated siding acts as a sound barrier; keeps heat out in summer and in during the winter; and protects from moisture buildup and potential water damage. The right siding for your home and geographic location can help reduce utility bills and make your home more energy efficient. Of course, different types of siding materials will be priced accordingly. But regardless of what the siding material will cost, is more expensive siding better?

The siding you select should:

  • protect the structure of your home from the elements
  • be optimally suited for the local climate
  • last for several decades
  • add to the exterior’s esthetic appeal
  • give your home distinction while still blending in with other homes in the community

Each type of siding material has its own set of performance levels that should be taken into account. Some examples include:

  • vinyl siding is typically the cheapest siding material available, is low maintenance and lasts 20 to 30 years
  • cedar siding lasts 50 plus years, tends to be the most expensive and is medium to high maintenance
  • fiber cement siding is easy to install, requires moderate maintenance, and lasts anywhere from 30 to 50 years

You might get a really good deal on cedar siding that makes it less expensive than aluminum siding, but you could be spending more money in the long run to keep it well-maintained. Bottom line is, you want the siding on your home to be available in a number of styles and colours, is low maintenance and looks good for many years, no matter what the final price tag is.