Is It Time for Copper Gutters?

Whether it’s a custom build, a townhouse in a subdivision with amenities, or a retro abode, copper gutters transform a functional house into an elegant home. If you will be in the market for a new gutter system sometime in the near future consider investing in copper gutters.

That Distinct Patina

One of the deciding factors for homeowners who make the switch from aluminum gutters to copper gutters is that distinct patina a gutter system will develop as they age. It is the result of the natural oxidation process when metal meets air, forming a protective layer on the surface of the copper. Depending on where you live and how close you are to the ocean, a patina can have different tonal colours ranging from grey, silver, green-blue, or blue-green.

But I Like the Copper Colour

If you prefer the warm tones of copper and want your gutters to stay that rich shiny reddish brown, select a treated copper gutter material. The special coating applied to the gutters will halt the oxidization process. Whether or not the antioxidant paint or sealant will need reapplying in a few years will depend on the brand that was used.

Styles and Types of Copper Gutters

The style most often associated with copper gutters is the half-round gutter profile. But in reality, there are several different options. Just like aluminum gutters, copper gutters are available in a variety of sizes and shapes (gutter profiles).

Half-round gutter profile: Half-round gutters are shaped like a round tube that has been cut in half. The curved shape is complementary to heritage, historic, classic style, traditional, and high-end homes.

 K-style gutter profile: K-style gutters are the most common style installed on residential homes. Because it has the appearance of crown molding, K-style gutters complement a range of architectural styles from modern to traditional.

Box gutter profile: Just like it sounds, this style of gutter has a simple shape that is ideal for modern or ultra-modern home designs.

The two main types of gutter systems available are sectional copper gutters and seamless copper gutters.

Sectional copper gutters: This type of gutter system is cut or purchased in sections, then soldered together.

Seamless copper gutters: A seamless copper gutter system only has seams at the corners, giving the gutters smooth, uninterrupted lines. Seamless gutters tend to remain watertight longer than sectional gutters.

Increase Property Values

While they cost more up-front than aluminum gutters, copper gutters last a lifetime. A homeowner will never have to replace the gutters or make major repairs. A copper gutter system also has aesthetic appeal to for prospective home buyers for several reasons, including copper is an eco-friendly gutter material that is easy to maintain.

Before Investing in Copper Gutters

While you want to stand out from your neighbours, boost your curb appeal, and really make a statement, they are a significant investment. Before investing in copper gutters, consider the following.

HOA rules or restrictions: If you live in a neighbourhood or community that is governed by a Homeowners Association, check first to see if there are any rules or restrictions regarding copper gutters.

Home appraisal: A home appraisal gives a homeowner the estimated current fair market value of their property. Whether you conduct one yourself using online valuation tools or hire a licensed appraiser, the total cost of the copper gutter installation will be worth the investment if it is proportional to the property appraisal values of you and your neighbours.

No mixing and matching: All parts of the gutter system must be copper. If you mix and match different components, the interaction of other metals with copper can cause the gutters to corrode, rust, or fail.

Not a DIY project: A copper gutter system requires the expertise of a professional guttering company. Copper is a heavier gutter material than vinyl, aluminum, or even steel, and therefore more difficult to maneuver into place. Gutter sections and other parts that make up the system need to be soldered together by an installation technician.

Experienced contractor: Not all gutter installation companies will have the required expertise to install copper gutters. It can be harder to find an experienced contractor familiar with copper gutter systems and their specific installation techniques.

Accurate estimate: Before purchasing and installing copper gutters, get at least three estimate from three different companies. Ensure that the estimate includes the copper gutters, copper downspouts, brackets, etc. Take into account both the costs of the materials and labour costs.