Is a Glass Front Door the Right Choice for Your Home?

A new front door sets the tone for your home’s exterior. It also boosts curb appeal and makes a good first impression on visitors. You see them everywhere – entry doors made entirely of glass – and you like how stunning they look. But then you might ask yourself “Is it safe?” or “Can people really see all the way into the living room?” To decide if a glass front door is the right choice for your home, consider factors such as the community where you live, the level of security you require, and how much privacy you need.

Reasons You want a Glass Front Door

If your home already has plenty of windows, a glass entry door might seem unnecessary. In addition to illuminating a dark hallway or foyer, other reasons for a glass front door include:

  • Customization – available in such a wide variety of styles and designs it will allow you to create a customized appearance for your home’s exterior.
  • First impressions – if you will be selling your home in the next five years, it improves a potential home buyer’s first impressions.
  • Visual demarcation – visually separates the inside from out while bringing the outside in.

Where You Live

Take into consideration the community where you live. When living in a wooded or secluded area populated by small animals and birds, there is the chance that they will run into an all-glass door. On the other hand, if your home is part of a densely populated community or a condominium complex, a glass entrance door will probably not give you much privacy.

Energy-Efficiency Concerns

It is true that a glass-paneled door is not renowned for its energy efficiency. However, entry doors made of glass still can be energy-efficient. Today’s glass front doors are available with energy-efficient options such as thermal glazing, thermal breaks, and multiple layers of glass.

Security Concerns

Many homeowners consider glass doors – whether it’s a single pane or a collection of rectangles or a combination of glass panes and resin/wood/steel panels – a security risk. Increase security by selecting a door that has:

  • two or more layers of glass
  • upgraded locks
  • glass with security film
  • a smart doorbell

Privacy Issues

If lack of privacy concerns you, some styles of glass doors feature mini blinds that can be retracted and hidden from view when not in use. Another way to enjoy the beauty of glass entry doors while gaining some privacy is to select a type of textured glass such as frosted glass, water glass, glazed or ripple that will let in light but not curious eyes.