Installing New Siding? 10 Common Questions People Ask

If you plan on installing new siding, you might not know where to begin. See if these top 10 siding questions give you the answers you’re looking for.

What things should I consider when buying siding?

Main factors to consider when buying siding are:

  • water resistance
  • energy efficiency – R-value rating of siding material
  • versatility – suits the size and architectural details of your home
  • durability – matches demands of regional climatic conditions
  • aesthetics

What is the best siding material?

The best siding for your home is one that enhances its architectural style, fits your budget and is easy to maintain. Check local bylaws or neighbourhood association rules for any restrictions.

How much will it cost?

In addition to the cost of the siding material, other factors that determine the total cost are:

  • size and height of home
  • condition of existing siding and/or building structure
  • number of windows and doors, including the corresponding sizes

Will I have to move out while the siding is being installed?

Usually, no. A siding contractor typically removes and installs the amount of siding that can be done during standard work hours. This ensures that your home is protected from the elements and you don’t have to move out during the installation process. However, be prepared for some shaking and noise while the crew is working.

How long does installing new siding take?

Depending on the size of your home, weather conditions and the type of siding, the installation process typically takes one to two weeks. For example, vinyl siding can take as few as two days, while aluminum siding might take around seven days to install.

Does the old siding have to be removed?

Whether or not the old siding is removed first or new siding is installed over top depends on what the contractor finds during the inspection upon which the estimate is based. If wood rot, other types of damage or insulation issues have been discovered, the old siding will have to be removed.

Does the siding color matter?

While siding colour is a personal preference, it can adversely affect your curb appeal if it makes your home stand out in a “bad” way. Even a carefully chosen neutral color can have visual impact. Siding color choice should be unique to you but blend in with the neighborhood.

Is there a type of siding that is maintenance free?

Unfortunately no. But some siding materials such as fiber cement siding, vinyl siding, some types of pre-treated wood and engineered wood siding are lower maintenance than others.

Are there any good green siding options?

If you would like your new siding to be eco-friendly, consider its sustainability. Choose quality siding materials that are durable and long-lasting. The more biodegradable the siding material, the more earth-friendly it is.

Is there a particular season I should plan to have siding installed?

Summer and autumn are good seasons to have new siding installed. However, winter, when siding companies tend to be less busy, is also a good time. Regardless of the season, most siding installation contracts will include a “dependent on weather conditions” clause.