Increase Functionality with Gutter Accessories

Increase the functionality of your gutters with the right gutter accessories. When gutters work the way they should, you might not think that their already high performance can be improved. However, gutter accessories like gutter covers or a rain barrel might be the ideal way to enhance your gutter system, helping it last longer and perform better.

Gutter Protection: Installing some kind of gutter protection such as a cover, screen or filter helps keep debris from entering the system. While a gutter screen or hood cover doesn’t entirely eliminate the need for regularly cleaning your gutters, it does reduce the amount of debris that can clog the gutter channel or block a downspout. Even a small clump of leaves or twigs that doesn’t clog the channel significantly reduces the speed and amount of water traveling through the gutters.

Rain Barrels: Place a rain barrel underneath a downspout to collect the rainwater. Water contained in a rain barrel can be used to water vegetable gardens, flower beds and lawns. Rain barrels offer an alternative solution to places that don’t accommodate the longer downspout needed to deposit water safely away from the house’s foundation, the driveway or a neighbour’s yard.

Splash Block: A splash block is used to direct rain away from areas that might not easily absorb run-off. Made of concrete or vinyl (typically not of metal because of the potential noise factor), a splash block minimizes erosion. It resembles a square or rectangular tray and often has a slightly sloped surface to aim water down and away from the foundation.