How to Make Gutters Look Good

Gutters don’t often get the respect they deserve. They’re either taken for granted or completely ignored (until something goes wrong). But a gutter system is critical to protecting your home from water damage. While they’re not so glamorous, there are ways to make gutters look good.

Gutter Material Choice

The material you select for your gutters not only contributes to the overall appearance of your home, it also determines how low or high maintenance the gutter system will be. To ensure that the gutters don’t grab unwanted attention, three things to take into consideration are: local climate, cost, and the style of your home.

Type of Gutter System

When having aluminum gutters installed, a homeowner can choose between a sectional or seamless type of gutter system. As the name implies, sectional aluminum gutters are come in lengths and are joined together. Seamless aluminum gutters are constructed from a continuous piece of aluminum and have seams only in corners. Seamless gutters tend to have cleaner lines and a more streamlined appearance.

Visual Impact

Paying attention to how the gutters look when installed can help them add that extra something to your home exterior. Do the wide fascia panels make the existing gutters appear undersized or awkward? Select a wider gutter channel size. Tired of earth tones? Make the new gutter system stand out by choosing a bold primary shade or a bright secondary color.

Professional Installation

You might be a very accomplished DIYer. But when it comes to installing gutters, it’s a given that contractors who do installations for a living are going know those tricks of the trade that produce more professional results.

Regular Maintenance

Removing stains and doing minor repairs keep your gutters looking good. But regular maintenance is also cost-effective, helping you reduce the likelihood of expensive problems troubling you in the future.