How to Improve Your Home’s Exterior Pt 2 Home Improvement

Often homeowners don’t really pay attention to their home exterior until they’re thinking about selling or have to move. But home improvement projects such as replacing the roof or adding siding can increase the value of your home if and when you sell. Not only do home improvements make a difference to your curb appeal, they can also turn your house into a more warm and comfortable place to live.

New Roof

A roof doesn’t just protect your home; it is part of the house’s personality and character. A roofing system that has become old and worn won’t do the job it’s supposed to. It will also affect the overall appearance of your home. Don’t simply get what you had before – when getting a new roof, consider a new color, roofing material or even a new style or configuration.

Siding or New Siding

Nothing can make your home look rundown or uncared for faster than exterior walls with cracks or peeling paint. Replacing a home’s exterior with siding, especially if the siding material is Hardie board, aluminum or vinyl, can make your home warmer, look better and low maintenance.

Replace the Gutters

Unless they’re definitely sagging or extremely grungy, signs you might need to replace your gutters might not be all that obvious. But as a gutter system begins to age, not only can it leave your home unprotected from water damage or mold build-up, it can spoil your curb appeal and create an unwelcoming vibe.

Let in the Light

Particularly if your home is older, you can greatly improve the exterior of your home by getting new windows. A new style or trendy color window frames goes a long way to updating the appearance of your property. Replacing older windows with new ones that are more eco-friendly will also keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Rethink the Driveway

A driveway stained with oil, ground in dirt and watermarks detracts from your home’s exterior. When cleaning efforts fail to make the grade, consider upgrading from plain old concrete. You can add beauty to function by replacing it with brick or stone in a diagonal pattern; paint it and then use a sealant to keep it from chipping or flaking; landscape one or both sides of the driveway for visual appeal.

The outside of your home is still part of your home. Home improvements that perk up your property’s appearance also create a more comfortable and esthetically pleasing living space.