How to Compare Gutter Manufacturers

When buying new gutters, a homeowner has a lot of decisions to make. It’s great to have options. But aside from proprietary color palettes and obvious price differences, how do you decide which name brand gutter manufacturer is the best choice? If you’re thinking about buying a gutter system, here are some tips to help you differentiate between one gutter manufacturer and another.


Five inch gutters are typically installed on the average sized home. For larger residential structures and /or homes that receive medium to heavy amounts of rainfall, six inch gutters are used. The size of the gutter indicates its capacity for allowing water to flow through the gutter system. Because six inch gutters are noticeably bigger, they can appear bulky and make a home’s exterior look awkward or unattractive. Some manufacturers have custom product lines that include design features to increase the water volume of standard 5-inch gutters without the added size and weight.


Gutter profile refers to the shape and design of the gutters and directly impacts how a gutter system looks and functions. K-style gutters have edges inside the gutter channel that can trap debris. Half-round gutters are smooth inside, but tend to manage less water than a K-style gutter of the same size. Gutter manufacturing companies offer custom gutter profiles that allow the homeowner to combine function with esthetics; choose from a wider range of options; and create a unique look for their home. When comparing one gutter manufacturer to another, take into account the gutter profile each one is offering.

Quality Materials

Vinyl is the most inexpensive gutter material, while copper gutter systems generally cost the most. When selecting a particular gutter brand, the deciding factor should not be the total cost. Ensure that quality materials are being used in the manufacture of the products you will be investing in. Interior hangers should be strong and well-constructed. Seamless aluminum gutters and aluminum gutters should be made from high-grade aluminum. In general, the thicker, the better, including materials used in the production of vinyl gutters.


Unfortunately there are substandard gutter products on the market. A good indication that a gutter manufacturer is trustworthy is a maker’s mark, a recognizable brand name or a registered logo stamped somewhere on the product.


Many gutter manufacturers offer warranties. When comparing companies, ask if a warranty is provided and what exacting the warranty covers.