How to Choose Gutter Colours

If you’re making home improvements this spring or summer and you plan on painting the house, consider the age and condition the gutters are in first. You don’t want to go to all that trouble sprucing up the siding only to discover that now the rain gutters really look tired and worn. Since a gutter system is an important component of a home’s exterior in the lower mainland, here are some tips on how to choose gutter colours.

Why Gutter Colour Matters

Does it really matter what colour the gutters are? The short answer is “Yes.” Whether we’re aware or not of the impact coulor has on us, it’s the reason we choose a vibrant earth tome (marigold) for the kitchen but a pastel shade (soft blue) for the master bedroom. The same principle applies to selecting a gutter colour. Reasons for choosing the right one for your home’s exterior are:

  • Reflects your personal style
  • Boosts curb appeal
  • Complements exterior finishing elements such as the roof, trim, and siding
  • Extends its lifespan, preventing peeling, blistering or flaking – certain colours are affected more by climate and UV rays than others
  • Improves property values

The colour of the gutter system should add to the curb appeal of your home, harmonizing the various aspects of your home’s exterior and accentuating its architectural style.

First Steps

Before painting the siding and/or replacing the gutters, if you live in a heritage home, a community that is governed by a strata council, or a planned development, check to see if the colours you want to select for any exterior finishing element are on the approved list of colors and materials. You don’t want to have repaint the house or install a roof made from a different material.

The difference between matching and complementary.

Matching the gutters refers to selecting a colour that is the same shade as the trim, roof, or siding. Matching one exterior finishing element with another exterior finishing element blends them together.

A complementary colour is one that when placed side-by-side makes both colours brighter. Choosing complementing tones or shades makes a gutter system stand out. Often contrasting colors are used to put the focus on an architectural feature – for example, pairing the gutters of a house that has earth toned siding with a red front door makes a statement and boosts curb appeal.

Match or complement the gutters with the trim.

When the trim around doors and windows is thick or unique in some way, you can choose to match the gutter colour with this exterior finishing element.

Often the gutters are matched with the trim when a house is made of brick, stone, or concrete. If your house is constructed with one of these siding materials, or if you plan on repainting just the trim, choose the gutter color first before buying the paint for the trim – it will be easier to match the shade of paint for the trim with the gutters rather than the other way around.

To blend in match the siding.

A popular way to select a color for your gutters and downspouts so that they are not noticeable but perfectly blend in with your home exterior is to match them to the siding. Using the same tone or shade for the gutters as the siding will create a cohesive appearance that is appealing to passersby and potential buyers alike. When the gutter system is matched to your siding it enhances the visual aesthetic of your home.

Select the same color for the gutter system as the roof.

If you want the gutter system to become an integrated part of the roofline, select the same color for the gutters as the roof. Matching the shade of the gutters with the roof should be fairly simple since most of the standard colors available for roofs are the same options offered for gutter systems.