How Healthy are Your Gutters?

You know you should maintain your gutter system to prevent any potential problems. But even if you do clean the gutters regularly, there are a number of factors that can impact their functionality and durability. How healthy are your gutters? Take MHC Gutters’ fun informal quiz to find out.

1. How old are your gutters?

a) 5 years or younger (5 points)
b) 5 to 15 years (4 points)
c) 15 to 20 years (3 points)
d) 20 years plus (2 points)

2. What kind of material is your gutter system made of?

a) Aluminum (5 points)
b) Copper (5 points)
c) Other metals (4 points)
d) Vinyl (2 points)

3. Do trees grow close to the gutters?

a) No, there are no trees growing near the house (5 points)
b) Yes, within 10 to 15 meters (33 to 49 feet) (4 points)
c) Yes, within 5 to 10 meters (16.5 to 33 feet) (3 points)
d) Yes, within 5 meters (16.5 feet) (2 points)

4. How often do you clean the gutters or have them cleaned?

a) Twice or more a year (5 points)
b) Once a year (4 points)
c) Once every 18 months (3 points)
d) Can’t remember the last time or don’t know (0 points)

5. Does the exterior of your home show any signs of the following?

a) Tiger stripes or streaking (3 points)
b) Insect infestations (2 points)
c) Mold, mildew and/or decay (1 point)
d) Shifting foundation or bald patches in earth around basement (0 points)

6. Select the answer that is most applicable to your gutters.

a) If the gutter system is seamless and includes gutter guards (5 points)
b) If the gutter system is seamless (4 points)
c) If the gutter system is made of metal and includes some type of leaf protection (3 points)
d) If the gutters are sectional and made of metal (2 points)

How did your gutters do?

The higher the score, the healthier your gutters are; the lower the score, they need some TLC! Healthy gutters protect your home, reduce home maintenance costs, and save landscaping from soil erosion.