Home Maintenance Chores to do Before the End of Fall

Heavy rainfalls, wind storms, and colder temperatures can really do a number on your home’s exterior. Now is the time to think about preparing your home for the winter months ahead. Things to do before the end of fall include cleaning the driveway, preparing the deck for winter, and getting the lawn and garden ready for spring.

Inspect the Roof

While you might have already cleaned the roof and gutters earlier in the season, before the end of fall inspect the roof in detail. Ensure valleys are free of debris; there are no gaps in the flashings; and roof protrusions such as pipes, vents, and skylights are completely sealed and won’t spring a leak.

Check for damaged, loose, or missing roof shingles.

How are the trees growing close to your home? Look for broken or dead limbs and remove them. Trim back any branches that might do damage to the roof or siding in a rain or wind storm.

Clean and Inspect the Gutters

If you need to wait until the leaves have fallen or you just haven’t got around to cleaning the gutters yet, it’s best to get this fall maintenance chore done before the season ends. A functioning gutter system reduces the chances of water damage caused by standing water, overflowing gutters, and leaking gutter seams. After gutter cleaning, inspect the gutters and downspouts for any necessary repairs.

Clean and Repair the Driveway

Summer heat, humidity, and dirt combined with cooler nights can contribute to extensive weather damage to your driveway. Before the end of fall, repair any damage done to its surface before winter has a chance to make it worse.

Clean the Siding

Thoroughly cleaning the siding in late fall removes grime, dirt, and mildew/mold/algae that can harm its protective layer. Wash siding with a mild detergent and then rinse with a garden hose. In order to allow the panels to repel moisture, you want the siding to be completely free of dirt and soapy residue.

Prepare the Deck for Winter

Inspect the deck for cracks, splintering, and scratches. These kinds of damage compromise the deck’s protective properties. Depending on the extent of the damage, apply a sealer to the specific areas affected or to the entire deck if one hasn’t been applied for a while.

Store Seasonal Items

It can become pretty windy fairly quickly in the Vancouver area. Store seasonal items such as the barbecue, gardening tools, lawn care machines, and patio furniture. In storage, they won’t be able to be pushed around by the wind and do harm to siding, gutters, and the deck or patio.

Prepare for Spring in the Fall

Weeding garden beds, raking the leaves in the yard, fertilizing the lawn, and trimming trees and shrubs at the end of fall helps get your landscaping ready for spring.

Remove spent annuals and seasonal vegetables. They’re no longer contributing to a healthy garden – pull them out by the roots so that they don’t deplete the soil.

Protect plants, shrubs, and small trees from winter scald, foliar damage, and frozen roots by covering them with bed sheets, burlap, or blankets. Add additional layers of mulch to the soil around more vulnerable plants for extra protection.