Holiday Home Exterior Decorating Ideas

It’s December and it seems that everywhere you look, you see Christmas. There are sparkly lights, Santa, reindeer and elves. The whole neighbourhood is in on the fun. What if it’s not a holiday you celebrate? At this time of year adults and children alike can feel left out. But if you want to decorate your home’s exterior, there are ways to celebrate the season without focusing on aspects that pertain to specific beliefs.


Today, strings of decorative outdoor lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes that aren’t red and green or related to a Christmas theme. LED light strands are ideal for a home’s exterior – icicle lights for the winter season or if you want to leave them up, fairy lights for year-round. Hanging lights from the gutters or the roof can shed a little extra light for visitors making their way to your front door. The same can be said for wrapping strings of lights around porch columns, fence posts or trees.


Hang wreaths on shutters, siding and porches. A wreath on a front door instantly says “Welcome.” They don’t have to have traditional Christmas decorations. Select a wreath with more greenery, pine cones and seed pods. For an entry door with visual interest, create an innovative wreath using a number of different natural elements.


Like wreaths, you can buy or create garlands that incorporate natural elements like acorns, shells and dried grasses. Frame windows with the garlands; wrap around porch columns; drape from deck railings.


Add seasonal greenery to your outdoor planters. Incorporate some colour with silver or gold sprayed pine cones, berries, evergreen sprigs and winter flowering plants. They don’t have to be real!

Ornamental Displays

Containers such as oversized clay planters, galvanized tubs or even hanging planters make great canvases for ornamental displays. For on the spot curb appeal, place a collection of twigs and dried grasses in an urn-shaped planter by the front door; pair grapevine balls with a re-purposed wash tub; or add a bird or two to hanging planters waiting for spring plants.