Halloween Home Exterior Tips

Do you want to make the front yard look really, really spooky for the Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween? Can’t wait to dangle a few skeletons from the porch; hang pumpkin lights from the gutters or attach a colony of bats to the siding? These Halloween decorating tips will help you safely get your home ready for fright night.

Make a Plan

It doesn’t have to be so detailed that it will pass an architect’s blueprint test, but make a plan listing feature elements and where they will be placed. Knowing how many strings of lights you’ll need or where the giant spider web will go on your siding for maximum effect, can give you some idea how to secure them to the gutters, siding, porch or banister. A sketch or list should also shed some light on how many of those Halloween decorations will use power to make them blink, wink or twinkle.

No Overloading

Play it safe with electricity. Check to see that what you’re plugging in won’t overload the system. A general safety rule for both Halloween and Christmas lights is to connect no more than three strings together. Make the most of all of your outdoor outlets – don’t plug everything into a single outlet just because it’s the one closest to the front door. When extension cords have to cross a pathway, sidewalk or driveway, secure them with duct tape.

Avoid Nails

Wherever possible use zip ties or cable ties to a fasten lights to deck rails, porch or stair banisters, fences and trees. There are a variety of light clips, all-purpose clips and hooks available, including ones with adhesive strips designed for use outdoors. When adding skeletons, witches, broomsticks or witches on broomsticks to exterior walls, make sure the clips or hooks you choose will work with your siding – securing decorations to vinyl siding might require a different type of clip or hook than the kind compatible with wood siding or aluminum siding.