Half-Round Gutters

When considering what types of gutters to buy for your home, half-round style rain gutters are a good alternative to a K-style gutter system. As the name implies, the shape of half-round gutters can be described as a semicircle. They can readily be found on many types of historic and heritage homes because they didn’t require a lot of complicated tools to make. Today, however, half-round gutters are making a comeback, whether the home is traditional or modern. The reason for their rise in popularity can largely be attributed to their simple yet elegant arced lines.

The distinct advantage of half-round gutters is the smoothness of the gutter’s interior, which provides fewer areas where debris can be trapped or moisture can pool. The inherent smoothness of these types of gutters also makes them much easier to clean. The two main disadvantages of half-round gutters are availability and capacity. Because manufacturers produce more K-style gutters, half-round gutters are generally more expensive. They also channel less water than a same sized K-style gutter.

Half-round gutters are typically made from a variety of metals including copper, steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. The traditional kind of half-round gutters has curled outer edges on both sides of the gutter channel. But half-round rain gutters with only one curled outer edge are also available. Colour choices for copper and steel half-round gutters are limited because it is their organic appearance that makes them appealing. However, manufacturers tend to offer more colour options for aluminum half-round gutters.