Half-Round Gutters Create a Timeless Look

While you probably don’t consciously notice a house just by glancing at its gutter system, rain gutters do play an important role in the overall appearance of a home’s exterior. Many homeowners and building professionals think that half-round gutters create a timeless look because of their simple lines and elegant shape.

Half-round copper gutters are popular because of the patina they develop over the years as they “age”. However, a gutter system featuring the half-round profile can be made from a number of other metals such as steel and aluminum. While a copper half-round gutter tends to lend a more classic, Old World flavor, steel or aluminum half-round rain gutters can give a home a sleek, modern or “industrial” feel. The appeal of steel or copper half-round gutter systems is the natural color of the metal. But aluminum half-round gutters can be found in a variety of colors, including standard tones of cream, ivory, tan, beige and grays as well as a range of bold or pastel accent shades.

Because of the construction of a half-round gutter, the channel is smooth, and therefore is less prone to snagging bits of material as water flows through the system; unlike K-style gutters that tend to have “edges.” Their semi-circle shape also makes them easier to clean.

Although they are typically more expensive than standard gutter profiles, especially copper gutters, half-round gutters have been gaining in popularity in recent years due to their distinctive appearance. Well-designed, stylish and pleasing to the eye, half-round gutters give a home a timeless, European ambience.