Gutter Damage

You’re proud of the way your new gutters look and you intend on keeping them that way. You know that you should clean and maintain them on a regular basis. But there are other things that can harm your gutter system. Being aware of some of the common causes of gutter damage can help you keep them looking new for a long time to come.

Ladders: When accessing the gutters or roof, avoid leaning a ladder against them, especially if your gutter system is made of aluminum.

Seams: As gutters age, the sealant that joins the seams of gutter sections together can wear away, causing leaks. Make it a habit to inspect rain gutters for any worn places where leaks can form.

Little Critters: Pests can be another cause of gutter damage. Gutters lined with nest-building debris are attractive to wasps, birds and squirrels. Pests such as these aren’t just a threat to the exterior of your home; once little critters make a home in the rain gutters, they can move inside to the attic or burrow into the insulation of interior walls.

Rotten Fascia/Soffit: If fascia and soffit become comprised due to water damage or climatic conditions, they might be unable to support the gutters, causing sections to sag or break away.

Stormy Weather: Wind and rain storms can throw debris against gutters that scratches and dents the exterior finish. Downed trees and broken branches can also damage gutters.