Get Your Home Exterior Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting time of year. It’s when you visit with friends and family and reconnect with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while. The exterior of your house is the first things people see as they approach the front door. Since holiday festivities are almost upon us, here are some ideas for getting your home’s exterior ready for the holidays.

Clean the Roof and Gutters

Before the holidays, sweep the debris off of the roof. Any leaves, twigs and other organic materials left hanging around that don’t get blown away, will land in the gutters. For the house to look its best, the roof and gutters should be free of clutter. If the outside of the gutters look dingy or grimy, you’ll want to clean them before you get a stream of holiday visitors coming to your home.

Clean the Siding

Siding is the most visible part of your home. Afterall it does cover close to 90% of your home’s exterior. To get the outside of your home holiday-ready clean the siding from the top of it where it starts just under the roofline to the bottom where it meets the foundation. Take note of any damaged siding panels. If the damage is widespread get it replaced as soon as possible. Cracks can let moisture in (potential mold growth) and air out (heat loss).

Clean Exterior Windows

Before stringing lights around the windows or adding garlands to the window frames, clean exterior windows to make them sparkle and shine in time for the holidays. Wipe down the frames and don’t forget to include the window sills.

Paint the Front Door

Nothing says “Welcome to our home” like a freshly painted front door. When the colour has faded, is outdated or looks a little worse for wear, painting the entry door a brand new colour increases the visual interest of your entryway.

Landscaping Matters

During late fall and early winter, trim trees and shrubs when they are dormant. Remove any dead branches or limbs.

Tidy up the front lawn. Remove any seasonal items that won’t be needed during the winter months.

Sweep debris from pathways, tidy flowerbeds if needed, and rake any remaining leaves from the front yard.

Street-Facing Outbuildings

Don’t forget to check that any outbuildings visible from the street, including the garage, are well maintained. Wash exterior walls and windows; ensure that the garage is clean and in good shape.

Steps, Walkways, and the Driveway

Ensure all steps and walkways are clean and free of obstacles. Keep the driveway clear of things that can be tripped over or bumped into. Check to see that all railings are securely attached and there is no broken or loose hardware.

Outdoor Lighting

It gets dark very early. During this holiday season make pathways or a hard-to-see driveway safer by installing in-laid lights, wall or structure mounted lighting, free-standing lamp posts, or short post dome lights.

Ensure all current outdoor lights, including the porch lights, are working; replace burnt-out bulbs.

Decorating your home and the trees on your property with sparkly, blinking fairy lights is the whole point of the holiday season. Just make sure to tape down extension cords, cables, etc. that cross any pathways or the driveway.