Get Your Backyard ready for Canada Day

Staying home and celebrating in your backyard is a great way to enjoy Canada’s birthday without having to battle the crowds. But it does mean you have to plan ahead. Before family and friends arrive, here are a few tips on how to get your backyard ready for Canada Day.

Set the Stage

To host a successful July long weekend celebration, set the stage. Make the backyard inviting. Get the yard work done first – mow the lawn; trim back shrubs and trees; weed flowerbeds and the herb garden.

Especially if you plan on mounting decorations to the siding or entry doors, clean the house exterior, including the windows and the outside of the gutters.

Tidy up the front yard. Ensure pathways are unobstructed and the front steps are clean and in good repair.

If children will be at your Canada Day gathering, kid-proof the backyard including the pool area or fire pit.

Prep the Deck

Clean the driveway, pathways, deck or patio, and the front steps and back steps with a hose. Wipe down or wash outdoor furniture. If you haven’t had a chance yet this season to give the barbecue a good scrub now is the time before cooking food for a Canada Day celebration.

Pick a Theme

It might seem obvious that the theme will be Canada, but there are so many different aspects of our great country that we can focus on. Whether it’s the Canadian flag, the provinces and territories, or animals native to Canada, it’s easier to decorate the backyard if you pick one theme and stick to it.

When hanging flags, printed banners, and other kinds of decorations from the gutters or eaves, or on the siding of your home, use non-evasive fasteners.

Create Entertaining Zones

Divide the outdoor space into different entertaining zones. Setting up outdoor furniture in defined areas invites guests to move around the backyard in a “logical” way. The following are just a few suggestions:

  • Designate the children’s play area as far from the BBQ as possible.
  • Place a food service table near the barbecue grill so that everyone has access to the condiments.
  • A portable bar as part of the patio seating area lets adults make their own drinks.
  • Circle chairs around the fire pit to create a place to relax and chat.

Put strings of lights in the trees; set vintage-style lanterns on tabletops; use spike lights in flowerbeds to make shadowy places safer. Now you’re all ready to celebrate Canada’s 151 birthday.