Faux Copper Gutters

Copper gutters have a distinctive curb appeal that puts them in a category all their own. If you’ve always admired the appearance of a copper gutter system, but it’s just not in your budget, here are some alternatives to achieving the look you want at half the cost.

Spray Paint

Using spray paint to create faux copper gutters is one way to get a real copper look. When choosing a type of spray paint, consider the end result. A copper metallic spray paint contains metal pigments that will oxidize (the colour becomes darker over time). There are non-metallic copper spray paint colours available. While they mimic the different shades of copper’s patina aging process, they stay the same colour as when first applied.

Before applying spray paint to aluminum gutters, consider the following:

  • As with any painting project, you’ll need the appropriate primer.
  • Results can be inconsistent due to how long the nozzle is depressed, variations in thickness, the slightest movement of air when applying the paint, etc.
  • There will be overspray (no matter how well you tape off the area).
  • Depending on where you live, it could flake off sooner than later.

Liquid Paint

Another paint option is a can of liquid paint. It goes on truer to colour and any leftover paint can be used for touch ups. As with spray paint, liquid paint for copper-looking gutters is available with or without copper particles. Copper-containing paint will gradually turn into a blue-green patina. But you can speed up the process by applying a patina medium or aging solution.

It’s Already Painted

Some manufacturers of sectional steel and aluminum gutters offer products designed to imitate copper gutters. The gutter colour is typically baked on during the manufacturing process. Faux copper gutter finishes range from new copper (very shiny) to darkening copper (shades of brown) to patinated copper (blue-green or green-blue).