Fascia Gutters

When a house doesn’t have fascia -the boards used to hide the roof rafter ends – fascia gutters are typically used as a home’s gutter system. Fascia gutters offer an integrated appearance to your home’s exterior. They are attractive, easy to maintain and generally handle more water than standard gutters of the same shape and size.

Fascia gutters, like any other type of gutter system, are meant to collect rainwater traveling down the roof, then direct it to the downspout(s). However, they are able to channel more water than standard gutters because of their general design. The front face of the gutter is usually higher to allow its edge to connect with the roof line, hiding the ends of the rafters from view. The higher front-matching back results in a deeper channel, making drainage more efficient.

Not all one size fits all. Fascia gutters are available in a number of different sizes to accommodate the varying depths of rafters. When selecting fascia gutters, homeowners can choose from a range of styles. By installing fascia gutters on a house with no fascia boards, the house’s esthetic appeal is greatly improved. While fascia gutters are low-maintenance, a fascia gutter system is sometimes more difficult to repair. Essentially an all-in-one or enclosed gutter system, if and when something does go wrong, it often means that gutter sections will need to be detached from the roof in order to troubleshoot the problem.