Fall Maintenance Tips

Now that fall is here, you will want to make sure that the exterior of your home is ready to face winter. In addition to a thorough yard cleanup and getting the leaves out of the gutters, here are some basic things that should be checked before the rain arrives.

Windows and Doors

Remove debris or blockage from window wells.

Caulk or reseal joints around windows and doors.

Fill cracks in woodwork, repair trim and repaint where needed.

House Exterior

Examine siding for wear and tear. Make the appropriate repairs.

Check that drains and downspouts are free of debris and working properly.

Ensure that the downpipe deposits water at least 6 to 10 feet from the foundation and that it drains away from the basement; not toward.

Look for cracks in the foundation that might become worse as the weather gets colder and damper.


Put away outdoor furniture; clear the deck or patio of any other summer stuff that you won’t be using for a while.

Trim trees and shrubs that grow close to the house.

Make sure that sidewalks, paths and the driveway are clean, clutter free and aren’t cracked, uneven or pitted severely enough to cause an accident.


Repair any loose and damaged shingles; replace any missing roofing tiles.

Look for damp or “soft” spots that might need professional or immediate attention.

Check the chimney, roof vents and flashings for signs of lifting, cracking or loosening.