Factors that Affect Gutter Estimates

Recently you decided to invest in new gutters. So, you did your homework, including asking for referrals. One of the three estimates you received was from a gutter installation company that a neighbour recommended. But the estimate the contractor sent you was thirty percent higher. Why the difference? Whether you’re hiring a gutter installer, plumber, or electrician, here are some factors that affect the original estimate given to you by a contractor.

Type of Gutter

The type of gutter you choose will have an impact on the estimated cost of the installation of your gutter system. Seamless gutters cost more than sectional gutters. Gutter width is also a factor – most gutter installation companies charge more for 6-inch gutters than they do for 5-inch gutter systems.

Gutter System Material

Materials used to produce gutters include a wide range of options. Aluminum gutters will be less expensive than a copper gutter system. Sectional galvanized steel gutters typically cost more than aluminum but are not as expensive as copper gutters.

Square Footage

When installing gutters, contractors generally charge per linear foot. The larger the home, the larger the drainage area. A gutter system for medium to large sized houses requires more guttering and downspouts, adding to the cost of materials.

Size and Accessibility

In terms of storeys, costs of a gutter installation increase because a larger home might require more crew members, more safety equipment, specialized equipment, and permits.

Another factor that affects gutter estimates is accessibility. A combination of house size and roof configuration can create areas that are difficult for installers to access.

Gutter System Components

How many hangers will be used to install the gutters? Does the gutter system need downspout extensions and/or splash blocks? Does the contractor plan on using prefabricated corners or fabricating them by hand? Would you like to add a leaf protection system? For a homeowner purchasing gutters, there are many options to choose from, all of which result in price variations even in estimates for similar products and services.

Labour Costs

Local labour costs greatly affect the total price of a gutter estimate. Fully licensed, bonded and insured gutter technicians will cost more. Other factors that determine labour costs include the use of subcontractors, special permits and site requirements, and attention to detail. For example, if a gutter installation technician takes actual measurements instead of eyeballing the slope, it will take longer.