Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

If your windows are older than 20 years and regularly fog up whenever someone in the house makes dinner, you might think that window replacement is the only solution. But when there’s no budget for major home improvement projects, energy-efficient window treatments can provide a viable option to replacing all the windows of your home.


Often shutters, both exterior, and interior are used as a decorative element to add Old Wolrd charm. Interior shutters increase privacy, control the amount of light coming into a room, and help to lower energy costs.

The same can be said for installing working exterior shutters on your home. Closing them on a cold, storming winter night will reduce the occurrence of condensation and heat loss.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, even though they’re often more expensive than standards blinds, are very efficient in blocking out cold and keeping heat in, while filtering the amount of light entering a room. In recent years, cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, have become popular due to their functionality, versatility, and variety. Cellular shades are comprised of cells designed to trap air in the pocket-like compartments, creating a layer of insulation between the window and the room.

Insulated Drapes/Regular Drapes

Like cellular shades, insulated drapes can contain circulating air, effectively adding another layer of protection between the exterior and interior of your home. Heat-saving capabilities of insulated drapes are further enhanced if the drapes extend two to three inches on either side and at the top of the windows, they are covering.

Insulated drapery can make the interior of the room quite dark. Another option is to combine regular drapes with blinds to create a similar insulating effect.

Solar Shades

Solar shades give you the benefits of insulated drapery but without interfering with the view or limiting the amount of light allowed in. Made from opaque materials, they are available in a number of styles including fixed panels and roller shades. This type of window treatment has the added advantage of blocking out harmful UV rays.

Roman Shades

Constructed of a thick insulating material, Roman shades help increase the energy efficiency of your home. They come in many styles and fabrics, but essentially, Roman shades have a “stacked” appearance when raised and appear smooth when lowered. Some kinds of Roman shades retain their three-dimensional look when the vertical panels are down. The one major drawback of this type of blind is that for it to prevent circulating air from escaping it must be completely closed.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are installed over existing windows. They can be applied in one of two ways, either from the outside or the inside. An interior storm window designed to be mounted over a primary window is typically less expensive than an exterior storm window. Although they are not replacement windows, storm windows increase energy efficiency, add insulation, and reduce street noise.