Do You Need New Windows or Doors?

With seasonal changes that include dropping temperatures and more rainy days, you might notice an annoying draft that bothers the back of your neck while watching television, or the front door keeps sticking whenever you come and go. Signs that you need new windows or doors can be subtle, but if you ignore them, they could lead to higher energy costs or even to the damage of your home’s exterior.

Signs You Need New Windows

Compromised functionality is the key reason you need new windows. Signs they need replacing include:

  • air coming in or air escaping out when windows are closed
  • water stains on exterior walls around windows
  • water or ice condensation forms on the inside of the glass
  • damage to exterior wall or siding around windows, including peeling paint
  • warping, splintering or cracking of wood frames
  • windows that are difficult to open and close
  • they are still single-pane
  • they are double-pane, but condensation appears between the two
  • so old they can’t be repaired (no replacement parts)

Signs You Need New Doors

Do you need new entry doors? You might if they any one or more of the following is true:

  • very drafty hallway or immediate area around entry door
  • physically damaged, including warping, cracking or rotting
  • damage to exterior wall or siding around door frame, including peeling paint
  • doesn’t easily close and open
  • defective, misaligned or damaged parts – an entry door is part of a system that includes, casing, jamb, sill, frame, drip cap, etc.
  • potential security risk – older doors, particularly if they include glass, are attractive to burglars because they can be more easily broken into