DIY Projects for Rainy Days

If you like to get outside and tackle some of those DIY projects on your list but not if it’s cold and pouring with rain, spend the time inside instead. Here are some easy home improvement projects you can do when you’re stuck inside for the day.

Smoke Detectors

A great DIY project for rainy days is to inspect the smoke detectors. Check to see if they are working properly and replace the batteries if necessary. Also, make sure that you have the right number for the size of your house. Smoke detectors should be installed:

  • in each bedroom
  • in the hallway of any sleeping area
  • on each floor (don’t forget the basement)
  • one each in the kitchen, living room and dining room (applicable to non-open concept designs)

Additional Alarms

A smoke detector lets you know you’re in danger of a possible fire, but there are other dangers that can lurk inside a home. Other types of alarms you might need are radon, carbon monoxide, natural gas, and propane detectors.

Writing on the Wall

Create a place for messages and reminders with chalkboard paint. A wall in a kitchen, family room, or back door hallway can become a resourceful message centre for everyone in the family. How about installing a floor-to-ceiling whiteboard as a dividing wall in a play area or bedroom shared by siblings?

Bathroom Facelift

We’re not talking about renovations like upgrading the single vanity to a double sink or swapping out the current toilet for an energy-efficient one. But there’s a lot you can do in one day to improve the bathroom’s appearance and functionality. Popular rainy day bathroom DIY projects include giving it a thorough cleaning; re-grouting around the tile; decluttering cabinets and drawers; and adding drawer organizers or new shelving.

Kitchen Facelift

Replacing the kitchen cabinets is a major undertaking, but simply updating the hardware can give them an entirely new look. The same can be said for substituting the worn or outdated backsplash with a brand new one. Never seem to have enough counter space: how about adding a portable kitchen island, overhead pot rack, or shelf organizers like a Lazy Susan?

Closet and Cupboard Organization

We lose a lot of “real estate” in our homes when closets and cupboards become dysfunctional. Decluttering is the first step. Be fearless. Second, give the closet or cupboard a purpose – for example, the hall closet is only for coats and shoes/boots currently being worn. Third, store items “kind with kind” – keep all of the hand towels, for instance, separate from the table runners. Purging can be an emotional roller coaster but it’s worth it in the end when you can find things easily and have room add new items without having to shift stuff.