Decorating Your Home’s Exterior for Winter

As we head into the holiday season, a little curb appeal goes a long way. Garlands and twinkling white lights create a seasonal charm and warm welcome for your family, guests, and visitors. Whether you want to transform your property into a winter wonderland or hang just a few strings of lights from the roof, here are some tips for decorating your home’s exterior this winter.

Make a Plan

From a wide variety of lights to Christmas inflatables to winter-themed animatronics, retail, DIY and big box stores offer so many holiday decorating options. Your plan should include:

  • a budget
  • a power strategy – where outlets are located, how many extension cords you’ll need, etc.
  • how much energy you will be using to make it all work
  • method – high tech or low tech or a mix of both
  • area of focus

Decorate Smart

Use a ladder safely. Avoid leaning it directly against the gutters.

Show electricity the respect it deserves: don’t overload outlets/power bars; keep extension cords out of the gutters; use timers to help reduce the energy bill and prevent lights and other display elements from overheating.

Incorporate as many green options as possible.

Choose LED lights – they use less energy, don’t emit heat, and burn brighter than traditional bulbs.

No holes in gutters, roof or siding. Use non-evasive methods like all-purpose light clips and hooks when hanging lights and decorations.

Secure inflatables so that they won’t be blown around, tripped over, or walked into.

Limit the running time of sound effects and music. No matter how cute or festive, your neighbours will thank you.

In the Details

You don’t have to have the most lights or the biggest laughing Santa to make the outside of your home festive. Less is more when evergreen boughs line window sills and topped with pine cones or Christmas ball ornaments.

The front door is your home’s way of saying “hello.” Decorate it by hanging one wreath or two or three. Don’t forget to liven up the doorframe with some lights or garlands of greenery.

Place small or miniature fir trees in large containers by the front door – decorate with bows and lights. Use pots of ornamental cabbage plants, poinsettias, and winter-flowering heather to bring splashes of colour to dormant window boxes.