Decorating Your Home’s Exterior for Halloween

Planning on transforming your house into a vampire’s haunted castle or upping the scare factor with a cluster of Aragogs invading the siding of the garage? A popular time to start decorating is the last two weeks of October – you don’t want to have them up too early or start too late to get everything done you want to. It depends on the scale of your decorating plan. To keep your home and all of the trick-or-treaters who visit safe, use these tips when decorating your home’s exterior for Halloween.

Have a Plan

Drawing up a plan allows you to visualize how your yard and house will look on Halloween night. Include a detailed list of everything you’ll need, from the number of strings of lights to the types of decorations. Decide how they will be mounted to trees in the front yard, hung from the gutters, and attached to the siding. It will give you some idea of the supplies you’ll be purchasing. If you have a large number of paper decorations and cardboard cutouts, you’ll probably require a lot of double-sided tape.

Scary but Simple

Large Halloween roof and lawn inflatables might seem like an easy way to transform your house and yard into a spooky paradise. While younger kids certainly get a kick out of them, they can end up being more trouble than they’re worth if they have to be secured properly to the roof in such a way that doesn’t harm roof shingles. For the best curb appeal without all of the fuss, keep it scary but simple. Hang skeletons, witches on broomsticks, and Halloween lights from the gutters. Decorate the front steps with jack-o-lanterns. Create spider webs on siding and in the corners of a porch overhang. Place a skull wreath on the front door.

Get Everyone Involved

Mass-produced ghosts, witches, goblins and dancing skeletons are great, especially if you’re pressed for time. But if you do have a few hours to spend on DIY projects, get everyone in the family involved. Designing and crafting your own Halloween decorations is the perfect way to make your yard unique and stand out from all of the other “monsters” on your street.

Be Kind to the Siding and Gutters

Use the least invasive methods instead of nails and tacks whenever fastening decorations to the siding and hanging lights from the aluminum gutters. It is always best to use alternative fastening methods such as adhesive wall hooks, zip ties, and cable ties to a fasten Halloween lights and decorations to rails, porch supports or stair banisters. Anytime you can eliminate puncturing the surfaces of your home’s exterior – particularly if you’re attaching decorations to the roof, gutters, and siding – it will reduce the risk of mold growth and advanced water damage.

Stay Safe

When hanging Halloween lights, the maximum number of strings that should be connected together is three. Check strings for burnt-out bulbs, and then replace them. Use industry-approved cables, plugs, and bulbs.

To manage and control the number of cords plugged into an outlet, use an outdoor power strip. If cords cross a sidewalk or driveway, ensure they are firmly secured with tape to avoid a tripping hazard.

Utilize all of the outlets available around your home’s exterior to avoid overloading.