Curb Appeal for the Holidays

Now that the days are getting darker sooner and many of us are beginning to feel festive, December is a good month to get ready for the holidays and the visitors they bring to your home. Adding colour to your home’s exterior and giving your curb appeal a boost will help ward off the winter blues and make your home welcoming and looking its best.

Pay Attention to the Roof and Gutters

It’s hard for people not to notice the roof and the gutters when they walk or drive by your house. Depending on its size and configuration, a roofing system can comprise up to 50% of a residential structure. If the gutters are full of debris and streaked on the outside or the roof is littered with autumn leaves and patches of moss, it makes your property appear uncared for. The bottom line is paying attention to the roof and the gutters is good for your curb appeal during any season of the year.

Holiday Greenery Ideas

A simple way to get ready of Christmas or the holiday you and your family will be celebrating is to decorate your home’s exterior with fresh greenery. Faux boughs, swags, and garlands might be more convenient, but fresh greenery provides a sensory factor to your curb appeal – there is nothing like greeting guests with the invigorating scent of cedar or pine.

Place a wreath on the front door. Wind garlands up porch posts, house columns, stair railings, or over entry doors. Use bright ribbons, small ornaments, and glitter-frosted pine cones to wreaths and garlands for pops of colours. Don’t forget a sprig of mistletoe for the porch ceiling!

Holiday planters of boxwood, miniature fir, or Japanese yew trees on either side of the front door or down one or both sides of the front steps defines the porch or entryway, creating a focal point that gets your home noticed. Select small trees or shrubs suited to containers such as wintergreen – green all year-round with red berries in the winter – for colour and visual interest.

Add Decorations Inside that can be seen Outside

Improve your curb appeal this holiday season by adding decorations that can be seen through the windows by visitors, family, and passersby alike. Place LED candles on windowsills or tables near a window.

Hang a wreath in each of the ground floor windows to draw the eye to your home’s exterior.

Positioning the tree so it can be seen from the street is also a good strategy for boosting curb appeal. For extra security, put the presents under the tree closer to the day you plan to open them.

Have some fun. Create a different scene in each window with spray snow, Christmas suncatchers, and window clings.

Make the most of Your Porch

Welcome guests and family with a festive porch bursting with colour – multi-coloured fairy lights; big green velvet bows, or garlands with small ornaments or rich red berries around the entry door or windows.

It might be winter but encourage them to sit in patio furniture that’s made comfortable and cozy with fluffy pillows, thick seat cushions, and warm blankets.

Especially if the porch is sheltered, decorate tabletops with impressive display created by mixing candles, greenery, and seasonal figurines such as elves, Santa, and reindeer.

Define the Driveway and Paths with Edging

A budget-friendly way to improve your curb appeal during the holidays is to edge the driveway and paths. Edging visually defines the paved parts of your property from the landscaped areas.

Incorporate solar lights with edging will make pathways and the driveway easier to navigate in the dark.