Curb Appeal during the Winter Months

Rethinking your home’s exterior during the winter months can greatly improve your curb appeal. Combat typical seasonal perceptions of grey and drab with splashes of colour, a touch of whimsy or strategic lighting choices. While it might seem easier to accomplish this in spring and fall, curb appeal is all about welcoming people to your home any time of the year.

Tidying up: Clear away any clumps of leaves or debris that have accumulated on your lawn, pathways and driveway. Remove twigs and leaves from the garden beds. A general tidying up can instantly improve the appearance of your property. Spot clean windows, siding or gutters when needed.

Landscaping: Include shrubs and plants that flower during winter. It might be too late to plant them now, but plan to incorporate them into your garden in the New Year. In the meantime, adding containers of winter-blooming plants will brighten up your home’s exterior.

Lighting: Especially now that it gets darker sooner, making sure that your property is well-lit is a smart move. Replacing outdated, old or worn outdoor lighting will not only make your home safer, it will also make it more attractive for your visitors. Decorating one or two trees or outlining paths and the driveway with rope lights increases the safety factor of your property, and makes your home more welcoming.

Entry door: You might not want to paint your door a bold colour or replace it during winter. But a quick wash with mild soap and water will freshen up the door and its trim. Even if you don’t plan on decorating for the holidays, a seasonal pine wreath transforms the entry door of your home. You can also change the look of your entry door by swapping out your current lights with decorative sconces or traditional style lanterns.

Element of whimsy: An element of whimsy can turn a drab area into a charming focal point. Replace the plain front gate with a decorative wrought iron one. Re-purpose garden items no longer being used – an old wheelbarrow or a birdbath that can’t easily be moved make great planters. Add touches that are unexpected such as a boot scraper or a funny doormat.