Creative Uses for Gutters

While the main purpose of guttering is to channel rainwater from the roof and away from a home’s foundation, some people have found more creative uses for gutters. Whether you’re reluctant to get rid of old ones that still have some “life” in them, or want to make use of off-cuts from a recent installation, gutters can be repurposed for a variety of DIY projects. Don’t forget to add end caps where needed.

Gutter Garden: Gutter sections can be joined together (vertically) and then hung from a balcony, roof or porch overhang. The narrow gutter channel provides an ideal environment for growing herbs, smaller-sized fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers. Choose plants that require a minimum amount of space (taproot system) to grow.

Indoor Planter: Shorter sections of aluminum gutters or vinyl gutters can be transformed into containers for an indoor herb garden, a place to start seedlings, or to showcase your orchid collection. Since gutters aren’t wide, they can easily fit on windowsills.

Shelving: Mount vinyl gutters of different colors on the walls of a child’s room for a creative way to store books and other treasures. Vinyl or aluminum gutter sections can be used for a number of other storage solutions including materials for crafts, dishes, and collectibles. Gutter shelves are a perfect way to make pantries, small storage closets and backdoor hallways more functional.

Cord Management: Fasten the appropriate length of gutter section inside the back legs of a desk. This will allow it to remain flush with the wall. Place cords in the gutter trough to get them up off the floor and hidden from sight.