Copper Gutters for any House

Many people view gutters as a necessary evil: their purpose is functional, not aesthetic. But more and more homeowners are seeing the value in gutter systems that enhance a home’s exterior and make the gutters stand out in an aesthetically pleasing way. In the past fifteen years, gutters such as European gutters and copper gutters have been the preferred choice of luxury homes. However, copper gutters for any house is an emerging trend because they appeal to homeowners who want an upscale look for their home that adds charm, resale value, and character.

The Timeless Appearance of Copper Gutters

Often the choice for copper gutters is motivated by their colour and the patina that develops over the years, resulting in a timeless sophistication and simple elegance. A copper gutter system is versatile because it can complement most architectural styles, giving Craftsman and French Provincial a rustic charm; adding stateliness to Colonial and Italianate homes; and lending a high-end appearance to Mid-century modern and split-level residences.

Depending on the look they are trying to achieve, homeowners can choose the kind of timeless appearance their gutters have. When you want to retain the natural color of copper, a sealant will have to be applied to the gutters to prevent oxidization. If you prefer the patina that develops over time, the colour of copper gutters will gradually change from golden tones to shades of green-blue.

European Gutters vs. Copper Gutters

European gutters are distinctive with their half-round gutter profile and unique gutter accessories that make them so eye-catching. They are often the most expensive type of copper gutters. However, homeowners can still invest in copper gutters without the high cost. While they will still be more expensive than aluminum gutters, a copper gutter system is generally not as costly as a Euro gutter system.

Eco-Friendly Factor of Copper Gutters

Copper gutters last for a really long time. They are resistant to corrosion and, depending on environmental conditions, have a lifespan of 50 years. The longer a gutter system lasts, the longer waste materials are kept out of landfill sites. As concern for the environment increases, copper gutters for any house are a practical choice for homeowners who continue to search for eco-friendly products. Copper is fully sustainable and naturally produced. When being used, it won’t harm the environment.