Common Maintenance Mistakes You can Avoid

Regular maintenance helps you keep one step ahead of any potential problems that could jeopardize your health, safety or property’s value. But are you unconsciously doing something that might have a negative effect over time? Here are some common homeowner maintenance mistakes you can avoid.

Slamming Doors

It might have just sounded like nagging when Mom said, “Don’t slam the door!” But it’s actually good advice. Door slamming, whether intentional or unintentional, puts undue pressure on the jamb and hinges. Repeated slamming weakens hinges and can widen the space between metal and frame, allowing moisture and cold air in (or warm air out).

DIY Instead of Hiring

If you can DIY the various honey-do projects that need doing around the house, it can save you money. But for more ambitious endeavors like installing new gutters, adding a double vanity or putting siding on your home, hiring a professional is probably best in the long run. A general rule of thumb is if your project involves building codes, applying for permits or plumbing/heating/electrical systems, it’s advisable to hire a licensed contractor.

Ignoring the Gutter System

At MHC Gutters, we understand perfectly why gutter maintenance is often ignored. However, a gutter system’s sole purpose is to protect a home from costly water damage. There’s no way around it – gutters need to be free of debris in order to save the roof, siding, and foundation from harm.

Ignoring Small Repairs

Gutters leaking at the seams can be re-sealed or the washer of a leaking tap replaced. Refastening a loose downspout helps to keep water flowing through it. Fixing a cracked window stops heat from escaping. Replacing a few damaged roof tiles prevents leaks from forming. When ignored, small repairs have a way of becoming expensive problems.

Harsh Cleaners

You’d think that windows, gutters, and siding designed to repel the elements would be able to withstand a bit of caustic soap. Using harsh chemicals to clean your home’s exterior can etch glass and damage the surface finishes of siding and gutters.

Foggy Windows

When windows fog up, it’s usually a sign that the seal keeping the glass in place is worn. A professional will be able to tell you if they can be repaired or have to be replaced. Overlooking foggy windows can put added strain on the heating and cooling systems of your home and increase your energy bill.