Clogged Gutters Cause Damage

Gutter cleaning might be a chore that you’d like to avoid at all costs. If the gutters don’t overflow that much when it rains, it might seem like just a clog or two is not such a big deal. But leaving clogs in your gutter system can cause expensive problems, including foundation damage and rot.

Foundation Issues

Clogs often prevent the gutters from channeling rainwater to the downpipe. Runoff can spill over the sides of the gutters. When it pools on the ground, if left unattended, over time water might cause shifting and soil erosion. If the shifting is severe, cracks appearing in the foundation of your home can compromise its structural integrity.

Wood Issues

Rainwater that doesn’t stay in the gutter system until it has been properly directed away from the foundation gets into places it shouldn’t. Anything made of wood is vulnerable to the effects of trapped water and dampness. When damp, wood soffit, fascia, eaves, window/door trim and siding provide the ideal condition for rot.

Health Issues

If overflowing water due to clogged gutters gets trapped behind siding or fascia, or soaked eaves and damp soffit panels never really dry out, mold can become a serious problem. It not only affects the exterior walls; mold can potentially creep inside, growing on interior walls, carpet and basement floors. Air contaminated by spores can put your family’s health at risk.