Choosing the Right Gutters for Your Business

Photo credit: David Sawyer/Flickr Creative Commons
Photo credit: David Sawyer/Flickr Creative Commons

Whether you own a small dress shop, trending restaurant, maintenance and repair garage or large warehouse, you’ll need gutters. Choosing the right gutter system can help build a customer base, maintain a trustworthy reputation, and expand your brand. Gutters that enhance a building’s appearance add value to your commercial property.

The Right Gutters Add Curb Appeal

Gutters aren’t just functional. Curb appeal has a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of your business. Your customer’s first impression is important in establishing an ongoing relationship. A gutter system for commercial and industrial buildings is typically larger in size, and therefore more visible to the eye. So, it is important, aesthetically speaking, you select gutters that look good while saying something about who you are as a corporate entity. Principles for choosing commercial gutters that create universal curb appeal are:

  • gutter material choice – for example, seamless aluminum gutters for an edgy urban look
  • gutter colour – bolder colours make them stand out
  • gutter profile – shape of the gutter gives character or definition to a gutter system

The Right Gutters Protect Your Investment

Like residential gutters, a commercial gutter system is designed to capture rainwater, direct it to the downpipes, and guide runoff safely away from the building. A gutter installation contractor will help you:

  • determine the size of gutter required to handle the volume of water that typically falls in your area in a year
  • decide what type of gutter – box gutters, seamless vs. sectional, half-round copper gutters
  • the right size and number of downspouts
  • applicable bylaws and codes regulating drainage, where runoff is discharged, etc.

When your commercial property or business is fully protected, you’re ensuring that day-to-day operations won’t be interrupted because of water damage, stained exterior walls, pest infestations or health issues.

The Right Gutters and Public Perception

While they might look the same, gutters for commercial buildings are designed specifically for your building’s size, roofing system, and architectural characteristics. When you install commercial gutters, you add a layer of protection to your investment. Whether you are selling products or providing services, a commercial property that looks attractive and cared for gives your customers and clients the impression they have come to the right place. In today’s world of high-tech digital marketing, word-of-mouth remains a highly effective branding technique.