Choosing the Perfect Exterior Doors for Your Home

Are the exterior doors to your house visually outdated, worse for wear, or potentially attractive to burglars? Especially if you and your family noticed a significant drop in temperature in the hallway near the front door or back door this past winter, summer might be the ideal time to install entry doors that will be more energy-efficient. When choosing the perfect exterior doors for your home, practical considerations include material, style, and home security.

Common Materials for Exterior Doors

The top four common materials for exterior doors are wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. When selecting the material for your entry doors, choose the one that will be the most:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Complementary to the house’s architectural style
  • Strong and secure
  • Long-lasting
  • Energy-efficient

Color for an Entry Door is Important

When deciding on a color for your entry doors, first decide on the visual impact you want to create, which directly ties into curb appeal. For a stop-them-dead-in-their-tracks look, select colors with punch – they don’t necessarily have to bold or “loud” colors, just ones with deep, rich tones. For a more harmonious or subtle appearance for your home’s exterior, choose softer pastel shades or earth tones.

If you’re not sure which one to pick for your entry doors, take inspiration from the colors of the roof, siding, and/or window trim. A design rule of thumb states the color of a front door should reflect the surrounding landscape in some way. Since pure white hardly ever appears in nature, avoid white doors or select a tone of white that has pink, blue, or yellow undertones.

Match the Style of Door to Your Home’s Exterior

Knowing the architectural style of your home’s exterior is essential to choosing the perfect front door. Of all of the popular exterior door materials, steel is considered to be the most versatile, since it works with almost every style of home, including modern, contemporary, heritage, or zenbox design. For more traditional styles such as Colonial, cottage, Old World, and Victorian, wood and fiberglass entry doors create a classic look that is welcoming and timeless.

Purpose of the Exterior Door

What is the purpose of your exterior door? While, yes, its obvious purpose is to provide entry and exit to your home, there are other functional factors to consider.

Would you like more light in the foyer or front room? Select a front door with a transom (glass panel at the top) or sidelights (glass panels on either side) or both.

What direction does the door face? If it is constantly exposed to rainy days in the fall and winter and windy summer days, choose a highly functioning energy-efficient door.

Do you live in a really quiet neighbourhood? Select the exterior door that provides high-quality security features.

Exterior Doors with Home Security in Mind

Exterior doors that provide the maximum protection include:

  • Solid door construction rather than hollow core
  • Deadbolts
  • A wide-angle peephole
  • Burglar-proof hardware
  • Glass panes of two or more layers
  • Glass panels covered with security film