Choosing the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

Cleaning gutters is a chore like any other – it can be a pain especially if you don’t have the right tools. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year (spring and fall). Choosing the gutter cleaning tools that match the method you use most often will make the job easier. The most effective gutter cleaning tools are the ones you find easy to use and fit within your budget.

The method you prefer will dictate the kinds of gutter cleaning tools you will need. Basically, there are four ways to remove leaves and debris from gutters: 

  • Use tools such as scoops
  • Use a wet/dry shop vacuum with an attachment extension
  • Use a water hose with/without an attachment extension
  • Use tools like gutter cleaning tongs or gutter wands that allow you to reach the gutters while standing on the ground

Hand-held scoops are specifically designed for gutter cleaning. Unlike a garden trowel or an all-purpose, household scoop, they have high sides to help contain the gunk until it can be put into a bucket. They are usually inexpensive. And the best part, they keep your hands out of the gutter.

A wet/dry vac with an attachment extension will be able to suck out debris. A water hose or a pressure washer can be used without an attachment to clean gutters. But that means climbing a ladder. To use a hose or pressure  washer to clean your gutters from the ground, you will need some type of extension pole or gutter wand.

Even with the type of gutter cleaning tool you can use when standing on the ground, you will need to do a visual check just to make sure there are no large twigs etc. left behind. And don’t forget to include a good pair of rubber gloves and a mask, especially if you’re using a gutters scoop. The most versatile type of ladder for gutter cleaning is the extension ladder. Even if your home is one story, an extension ladder can be adjusted to the exact level you need.