Choosing Aluminum Siding

If you’ve lived in a house that needs painting every five to seven years, then you know what it costs in both time and money to maintain your home’s exterior. Deciding to install aluminum siding is a good choice because it is economical, long-lasting and can be applied to most building materials including concrete block, brick, wood and stucco. But now that you’ve committed to updating the appearance of your home with aluminum siding, is there anything else you should know? To help you make an informed decision before purchasing and installing aluminum siding, consider factors such building codes, colour and grade.

Building codes: Especially if you live in a heritage house or a specific type of community, check local building codes to determine what kind of façade is or is not permitted. Some villages, cities or communities govern the look of a home and the types of materials used. Before purchasing, make sure that aluminum siding is allowed.

Colour: The trick to selecting a colour for siding is to pick one pleasing to you and not a trendy one that you might tire of in a few years. One of the great things about aluminum siding is that you can paint it. To keep your options open, should you wish to change the appearance of your home in 10 or 15 years, choose a light colour which can be easily painted over.

Grade: Aluminum siding is available in a number of grades. The general rule is the higher the grade, the better the quality. While higher grade aluminum siding typically costs more, it will look smoother and last longer than lower grade siding.

Vertical or horizontal: Aluminum siding comes in panels of varying sizes that can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Visualize how each option will look.

DIY or contractor: As with any home improvement project, a certain skill set is called for. You will need to be comfortable with using a number of hand tools, possess basic to medium knowledge of carpentry, and be able to work out how much siding you require. Don’t forget other factors such as patience and attention to detail; while durable, aluminum siding can be easily dented if mishandled. Decide if you should install the siding yourself or if you should hire someone to do it for you.