Choosing a Gutter Cleaning Company

As spring approaches, home maintenance tasks become a priority for many homeowners and renters. Because gutters are an essential part of your home exterior, it’s important to clean them regularly, and if you plan on hiring a professional gutter contractor, it’s essential to find a gutter cleaning company that’s dependable and right for you. To make the right choice with confidence check the company’s profile; consider the services they offer; and ensure the materials and techniques they will be using meets the needs of your home.

Reviews, Testimonials, or References

If you have never hired a gutter cleaning service before, you might not know where to begin. Getting a referral is a good place to start.

Online reviews: Online reviews can be helpful if you know how to spot the fakes – a legitimate reviewer won’t have an excessive number of searchable positive online reviews, spelling and grammar will be correct; and text will include both pros and cons if there were any.

Testimonials: Many gutter cleaning companies include testimonials from their customers on their company websites. Posting a customer’s feedback on the services a company has provided helps build trust, creates a relatable connection, and often reflects the benefits of doing business with them.

References: If you know a neighbour, friend, or someone at work who lives near you and has hired a gutter cleaning company within the past three years, ask for a reference. The person giving you the referral will be able to provide specific information about the company regarding dependability, efficiency, and the quality of service.

A Company’s Profile

Before choosing a gutter cleaning company, check out the company’s profile. On the company’s website check the “About” page and other relevant pages that give you important information concerning the company. Look for the following:

  • The year the company was founded or the number of years they have been in business
  • A mission statement – Dedicated to excellent customer service? Engages in eco-conscious practices? Uses eco-friendly products?
  • A list of licenses, insurance policies (for their employees working on your property), and professional associations they belong to
  • Customer testimonials

A professional cleaning service should be transparent about who they are, how they do business, and ways in which they serve the community.

Gutter Cleaning Services

The type of gutter cleaning services a company offers is an important factor when selecting a company to clean the gutters for you. Most companies thoroughly remove dirt and debris from inside the gutters; clean the outside of the gutters, remove blockages from the downspouts; and make minor repairs to the gutter system such as replacing missing hangers or reattaching a disconnected downspout to the gutter outlet. But they might offer other services like window cleaning, power washing the siding, and removing moss from the roof.

They should be able to execute the gutter cleaning from start to finish efficiently and in a timely manner. When environmental issues are important to you, you will also want to ensure that the gutter cleaning company you hire uses eco-friendly materials and techniques.

Budget Friendly

Most gutter cleaning companies offer a free estimate. The estimate will outline all of the details of the gutter cleaning and list the estimated cost for the work done. The price listed should be reasonable for the service they intend to provide.

If the company offers any warranties for labour or materials or both, make sure you understand what the warranty is for, how long it’s for (lifetime is the best), and if it is transferable should you ever sell your house.

Be Approachable

It’s important that the gutter cleaning company you hire is approachable. Booking an appointment online or phoning to schedule a free estimate should be uncomplicated. They readily answer any questions you might have. The gutter technicians are professional, yet friendly and easy-going.