Check the Gutters

Vancouver gutters have a lot to deal with once the rainy season arrives. You cleaned the gutters earlier this fall and got the exterior of your home winter-ready. But on days like today when there is a break in the weather, take advantage and check the gutter system. Especially after the first big wind storm followed by a few bouts of aggressive rainfall, it’s good to make sure nothing’s been (too) shaken loose.

Check for Damage

Start at the top: do a visual inspection of the roof. Use binoculars first – it might save you a trip up the ladder if all is well. Look for tiles or shingles that are out of place.

Do a quick visual inspection of the foundation. Check for cracks; debris blown in from somewhere else that has landed up against the basement walls; and pooled water that seems reluctant to drain away.

Look into the mouth of the downspout for any clumps of twigs or leaves that could potentially cause trouble.

Get out the Ladder

If you have trees growing close to the house, it might be worth your while to get out the ladder and see if any there are any unwelcome nests, leaf clumps or other types of debris build-up that have magically appeared since you last cleaned the gutters.

Check for brackets, loose screws or rusting nails that are no longer supporting sections of the gutter system as they should.

Take Action

When water isn’t allowed to freely flow through the gutters, problems can arise, forcing water into places you don’t want it to go. Remove any debris from the gutters that looks like it will cause clogs or build-up.

Clear any drains on the property of leaves.

Wherever possible, reattach loosened roof tiles or remove them so that they don’t end up in the gutters the next time it rains.