Box Gutters for Commercial Buildings

Box gutters are commonly used on commercial and some types of industrial buildings because they are capable of handling high volumes of water and withstanding the elements. They are designed to be a part of the bottom of the roof or the roof over-hang. When purchasing box gutters for a commercial application, it is important that you take into account your location, the size of the building and the shape of the roof.

They are called box gutters, also known as square gutters or rectangular gutters, because of their shape or profile. A box gutter resembles a rectangular box with its lid removed. A rain head diverts water from the box gutters to a downpipe. Box gutters are ideal for the roof drainage systems of commercial buildings because they can increase functionality and accommodate larger roof areas. They are also a good way of dealing with architectural features that interrupt the roofline, since they can be customized to meet the required size, gauge and colour specifications of a building. Most professional gutter installation or roofing companies offer box gutters in standard sizes, in addition to being able to manufacture a box gutter system with non-standard trough or channel widths.

When water is not properly channeled from the roof of commercial or industrial buildings, it can cause serious structural damage. Pooled or stagnant water can contribute to the growth of mold and fungus. Aluminum box gutters are typically installed to address current drainage issues and help prevent problem areas in the future. Having aluminum box gutters professionally installed can help protect your commercial building from costly repairs.