Benefits of Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Many homeowners choose seamless aluminum gutters over a standard aluminum gutter system, because they need less maintenance, are prone to fewer leaks and have greater curb appeal. Seamless gutters are typically made on site from aluminum molded in one continuous piece and custom cut to fit your home. Sectional aluminum gutters might be less expensive, but because they need less upkeep, seamless aluminum gutters can be more cost-effective.

Seamless aluminum gutters reduce the number of joints where debris can accumulate. It’s not just potential clogs that a homeowner needs to worry about. Gutters that collect debris such as leaves and twigs can be inviting havens for birds, squirrels and other pests to make a nest. Less buildup and places that are prone to leaking means less maintenance when compared to sectional gutters.

There are also fewer seams that can wear out, then eventually leak. The sections of a standard gutter system are joined together and then sealed. Even gutters made from the highest quality materials will begin to leak as the sealant wears away. Seamless gutters do have seam, but only at the corners and where the downspouts connect to the gutter system.

Seamless aluminum gutters increase your home’s curb appeal. They tend to have a cleaner, more esthetic appearance than sectional gutters. Seamless gutters are available in a wide variety of colours and styles (gutter profiles). Finishes are durable and never need painting.

Other benefits of installing seamless aluminum gutters include: they are fitted to the exact specifications of your home; they tend to be stronger because they have fewer seams; and they can be easily installed by gutter installation specialists often within several hours of one day. A homeowner will possibly pay more for seamless aluminum gutters, but the rate of return is higher because they cost less to repair and maintain than do sectional aluminum gutter systems.